New Orleans- 2nd person


The once lively boulevard was silent, it was always so vigorous in summertime with the hubbub of tourists in awe of old teresa’s voodoo shop and her tacky tricks, or the usual jazz band in front of Martins attracting locals for a good sessions jam. Now the heat is just overwhelming, like your swimming in suffocating air and you can’t come up to breath, boiling your blood with every couple of strides.  The building got closer, like it too, was walking towards you, the old familiar window that was once a masterpiece, with carved wooden frames and rectangular shutters, now rested smashed, destroyed and left on the concrete, like it meant nothing. Like this building meant nothing, like New Orleans meant nothing. But it did. the little room inside the building was small, but home like, with a little kitchen on the left and beautiful hand carved chairs placed in a circular pattern around a maple wood table, the carpet may have been over used and ragged but kept the family warm in the winter, but now the chairs were snapped the maple table turned over, the kitchen tiles left broken. It was gone, your life was gone. She was gone.

The banned word challenge- The Night

Twilight embraces the slowly fading sky, enveloping the last rays of sunlight and draining the pastel colours into the mountain side before replacing it with a thick blanket of obscurity and sun swallowing gloom. Millions of minuscule lights spread across the empyrean atmosphere,  reflecting the perfect image of dancing sun rays, shimmering across an ocean of blue, being frozen into place, like the sky itself was a painting of a calm sea. The usual escalated cacophony of people and animals gradually diminishes into a soundless peace, echoing throughout the area, clinging to the distant trees and leaving the surroundings in melancholy silence.


Romeo and juliet ending summary

For me, the ending of romeo and juliet in the movie was annoying and emotionally over whelming, i think that this was because of the over dramatized style of filming. The books ending i found strangely satisfying, although romeo and juliet did die, the mending of the family feud brought some kind of peace. I also felt that this is because the context and era of the book made me feel like they were going to a better place.

R+J quote

” I Dreamt my lady came and found me dead…And breath’d such life with kisses in my lips

That i reviv’d an emperor”


romeos dream explains the future events and that juliet, once awakened would find romeo but with kisses on his lips gives him peace, and when they are both dead, they are reviv’d to be together at last. so without knowing it, romeo explains his fate, and is giving us another hint.

I think the word emperor isn’t such as literal but is used to describe his feeling to be with juliet again in the afterlife and being reviv’d isn’t coming back to life literally, but death gives him his afterlife, to be with juliet. if that makes sense…

5 min think?

“is love an invention created by humans?”

i think love is a social construct to describe a feeling so… the feeling wasn’t created by humans, but the idea of it was. we don’t exactly know if we are the only animal that loves or if it’s just an instinct, but we know that love is around us in the human race and it has no limits

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